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facebook messenger marketing

how we get you hundreds of new & old customers every single month

From 1,000 messages, 10-45% become new customers. 

Messenger Marketing lets your restaurant reach hundreds & thousands of hungry customers every month, all while on autopilot. With 98% message open rates, you can finally put your brand in-front of thousands of customers.

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loyalty program
Loyalty Program

Keep your customers coming back with an enticing loyalty program

messenger ai
Messenger Ai

Answer frequently asked questions automatically on facebook messenger

birthday program
Birthday Program

Give your customers a special offer on their birthday every year on autopilot

paid ads
Paid Ads

Promote a special offer with paid facebook, instagram and google ads

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We aren’t your typical long winded digital marketing agency

Next Level Restaurants is an agency that helps restaurants transform the way they interact with customers with powerful, simple strategies to increase monthly sales, walk-ins & understand the untapped potential within their market. We live and breathe digital marketing, and in an industry that is constantly shifting and changing shape, it’s our business to stay ahead of the curve. Our team operates by learning, educating, innovating, creating, and above all, delivering results for our clients.

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We are constantly improving your marketing campaigns and staying one step ahead of your competitors, using the most up-to-date technology.

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Your business is unique & if we’re a good fit, we’ll develop a personalised hyper-targeted strategy that’s right for you & your growth.

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Wwe will work with you 1 on 1 to make ensure we achieve your marketing goals. And if we don’t then we work for free until we do.

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Our business is to grow yours. We work to make you significant ROI with trackable state of the art marketing strategies. 

Build your ultimate bot!
Birthday program
  1. Get more customers each month
  2. Get sales while on autopilot!
  3. Over 350k bday celebrants p/m
  4. Run inexpensive ads & profit higher
Loyalty Program
  1. Enhance brand loyalty
  2. Give out redeemable digital coupons
  3. Scale your business on autopilot
  4. Offer FREE gifts to loyal customers
One click upsells
  1. Upsell new & existing customers
  2. Send bulk deals to customers
  3. Send your deals to the thousands
  4. Yeild a 98% open rate
Geographic targeting
  1. Notify leads when they walk past
  2. Turn walk-by's into walk-in's
  3. Make spontensous sales
  4. Stay on your customers mind
Messeneger Marketing
  1. Auto reply to messenger faq's
  2. Auto reply to post comments
  3. Integrate live chat on website
  4. Automatic review requests
  1. Have your sales forecast at hand
  2. Plug & play user friendly design
  3. Make your own offers
  4. Your all in one marketing crm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook messenger automation?

Messenger automation lets you engage with customers & the wider 1.3 billion active users on messenger every month. It takes away the tedious tasks of answering FAQs, booking appointments, reminding customers, signing customers up to your loyalty program (check our bday program, you’ll be blown away), letting your staff focus on front house tasks & worry less about social media upkeep. 

Do customers like messenger bots?

Of course! Customers need & want immediate answers to their queries. That’s why messenger bots are so powerful. Businesses across a wide range of industries are using messenger bots to make customers feel attended, looked after & provide a memorable experience. (Customers will look elsewhere if a call rings through / accidently ignored!) Not anymore!

Will my bot be able to answer questions?

Messenger bots are highly intuitive. They use keywords customers type & form a coherent reply. It gets better the more questions you ask it! Go test out our demo and test what questions it can answer for you!

Why use messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing is truly powerful. It allows you to send out bulk messages & reminders to new & existing customers with a whopping 98% message open rate.

Put it this way, 1.3 billion people use messenger every month. It’s a truly remarkable way to get more clients in the door. (That’s only scratching the surface).

Are messenger automations available 24/7?

Sure are. Customers can contact you all hours of the day & night. Facebook Messenger automation seamlessly runs 24-7/365. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons restaurants & businesses love automation so much!


Can you integrate with a POS System?

Our backend Kitchen Display System will change your game. We use a state of the art app that can be downloaded onto an iPad or tablet so you can manage backend orders at your fingertips. However, we can only integrate with certain POS systems alone. If you’d like to find out if we can integrate with yours please contact us.

How do Facebook Messenger ads work?

Facebook Messenger ads are Facebook ads that have a “Send Message” as the Call To Action. They look just like normal Facebook ads, but when users click, they land on your Messenger bot contact list. Typically, this launches a Facebook Messenger bot sequence with the new contact that & strikes up a conversation to automatically drive sales.

We needs more customers, can you help?

Absolutley. We specialise in increasing monthly revenue & customer walk-ins, exclusively to restaurants & food-based businesses. 
We’ll show you exactly how on a Free Strategy Call!

Can I please try a demo of the system?

Sure, just click here or click the messenger icon on the bottom right of the screen and you can see a live demo and try it out for yourself!

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